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Welcome to Passiflora Resorts, where fun and adventure are ready to greet you.! We have tons of activities for all ages and interests, whether you like staying indoors or playing outside.If you prefer indoor fun, you can enjoy games like Carrom Board, Chess, Jenga, and even hit the gym to stay fit. We also have Badminton, Ludo, and Playing Cards for those who love friendly competitions. Plus, there’s a telescope for stargazing, so you can explore the night sky.

Outdoors, we have a playground with slides, swings, and merry-go-rounds for kids, and a beautiful garden area for Instagram-worthy picnics. For a romantic touch, we offer special candlelit dinners. And don’t forget our swimming pool with safe steps and a separate kids’ pool with water slides and activities. We even host live band performances and pool parties for more fun!For the adventure seekers, we offer activities like boating, bull cart rides, paragliding, and exciting star gazing sessions. You can also dance to live music or our DJ on the dance floor.We know everyone is different, so we have something for everyone. Come join us for a vacation filled with unforgettable memories and loads of fun!

Outdoor Recreational activities





bull cart

Bull Cart

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Star Gazing


Bull Cart

indoor Recreational activities


At Passiflora Resorts, we’re wholeheartedly dedicated to environmental sustainability, ensuring that our practices harmonise with the lush surroundings. We use renewable energy sources, curbing carbon emissions, and embrace water-saving technologies to safeguard this precious resource. Recycling, eco-friendly amenities, and cutting down on single-use plastics are integral to our waste reduction strategy.Our green landscapes, featuring native plants, serve as a sanctuary for local wildlife. By choosing Passiflora Resorts, you not only treat yourself to luxury but also champion a greener, more sustainable world.Located in front of Pawna’s ultra-eco-sensitive zone, we’ve implemented thorough environmental practices while preserving your comfort. Our structured tools and checklists effectively manage our environmental footprint. Additionally, we offer morning treks, corporate team-building activities, and serene self-guided yoga and meditation in the heart of nature.